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Dunhuang Night Life

Dunhuang nightlife is colorful with obvious local characteristics. The bustling night market will be the must go place at night. When spring comes, the local people join in activities at night, dancing and singing. When it becomes dark, all the lights are turned on. You can enjoy your nighlife there.

In Chinese, we call this activity “Fire Society” which includes many local sports. You can also go to street watching or taking part in the traditional opera performance of Qinqiang and Meihu or go to cinemas.

There will be art performance at 18:00 to 23:00 from June to October in Dunhuang Hotel. The performance will show you the music, dance and cloth of the Silk Road. Address: 14 in East Yangguan Rd

Shazhou Market is an ideal place to learn about Dunhuang customs. You can buy some handicrafts and local products there. The market is in big size. The road in front of the market is lined with over 100 stalls.

It is an ideal place to experiecnde the Dunhuang folk-customs and life with snacks, art ware, tea house area and ethnic products area etc. Besides, there is also a local opera street where you can watch some shows performed by amateurs.

Also, tourists can have entertainments and thrills in the Echoing-Sand Mountain Scenic Area with camel riding, climbing the mountain, sand sliding or parachute jumping. Night view in Dunhuang is also very beautiful. You can enjoy the sunset in the desert.