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Fenghuang Night Life

There are quite many bars in Fenghuang on both sides of Tuojiang River, most of them ran by people from outside. Since Fenghuang is a small county, it is not difficulty to find the some interesting bars in Fenghuang.

Things to do in Fenghuang 

Bars in Fenghuang

Small Town Story (Xiaochenggushi) Bar   古城小镇酒吧
Yuanshi Ren Bar  原始人酒吧
Ancient Town Watcher (Gucheng Shouwangzhe)  古城守望者酒吧
Liulanzhen Bar 
Shuiche Fang

Put Lanterns on the River

The surface of Tuojiang River is very smooth and the river is wide enough, suitable for putting lanterns on the river. It is very interesting to see numbers of lanterns on the night river. 

Campfire Party

Fenghuang is a place where you can experience the customs of ethnic minorities. Miao girls' graceful dance and beautiful singing voice are a highlight of the campfire party.