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Foshan Night Life

Foshan nightlife 

Although night life in Foshan is not as vibrant and colorful as that in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, still a number of western bars and nightclubs have opened up in recent years since the development of some shopping districts. 

If you’re into the more relaxed live music scene you can get well priced cocktails and wine at Channel 6 Bar. At Channel 6 you’ll have an excellent live band playing western music until the early mornings. They also serve a wide range of cocktails, wines and of course beer.

Bars and Nightclubs in Foshan

If you want to spend your night hours in modern and western way, try these bars and cafés.

1.Foshan Green Café
Green Café has a good environment. You can drink coffee or taste the Sirloin Steak and pizza, which are all palatable. Although the price is a little expensive, many people like to go there.

Address: No. 5 Wenxiu Road, Daliang, Shunde District, Foshan

2. Foshan Ming Tian Coffee Language
Ming Tian Coffee Language is a famous coffee  chain from Taiwan. There are about 630 branches throughout the country and is one of the biggest and most famous coffee shops in China. Ming Tian Coffee Language offers tea, coffee and western food.

Address: No. 53 Henglong Trade City, Fifth Jihua Road, Chancheng District ,Foshan

3. Foshan The Place
The Place is located at Dongxia Road and has a unique 3-floor building structure. The music in The Place is good, and the beer is also relatively cheap, which appeal to guests of all ages. No matter where you sit, you can enjoy the warm atmosphere and hearty service. 

Address: No. 1-4 Stores, No. 1 Dongxia Road, Chancheng District, Foshan

4. Foshan Landgolf Club 
Langolf club has warm environment, soothing music and charming scenery . The pub mainly offers red wines. Besides the pub also organizes a club to offer information on red wines, cigars and German beers to the members, and guide them to form a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, it also organizes many special activities  such as wine tasting, wine makers diner, field sports, drive travels and team outward bound training to create a communication platform for the members.

Address: No. 37, Dongjiang Entertainment Center, Lingnan Street, Foshan

5. Foshan Oriental No. 1 Bar
The feature of Oriental No. 1 Bar is the top music. The guests always gather in Oriental No. 1 Bar at 8pm and the music at this time is nice and soothing. If you have treasured CD, you can share with the DJ.

Address: Floor 1 of Building 2, Meishi Changlang, Sixth Jihua Road, Foshan

6. Lan Gui Fang

This was the first nightclub in Foshan, and built its reputation when in its old venue of Bar Street along Ji Hua Park. Now the club reopens in a modern building quite a way out of the city center. It’s said to have the best western style disco in town.

Address: Lingnan Da Dao, Chancheng District, Foshan