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Guiyang Night Life

The night life in Guiyang is rich and interesting. Generally speaking, after 21:00, Guiyang begins to start an energetic nightlife. Night markets become very busy. Night clubs and bars are filled with people, bustling and exciting.

Many Guiyang people spend their night about shopping malls as almost all shopping malls close after 22:00. Watching movies, playing bowling, killing time in night clubs and pubs are popular with young people. Eating food late at night is a habit of Guiyang people.

The night markets in Guiyang full with delicious snacks are prevalent. The unique and most interesting thing is that Guiyang people like to drink vinegar at night, which is considered to be good for health. The vinegar made from all kinds of fruits, such as orange, longan, lemon, grape and banana can be found in Guiyang. They are distinct from the daily-used vinegar and tasted great.

Besides, appreciating the folk custom performance is very attractive and the Yangming Temple, located at Fufeng Shanlu is considered to be the first choice. 

Bars / Teahouses / Clubs 

San Diego Bar
Add: Yuxiu Road
Open Hours: 7 pm-1 am

Guizhou Art Saloon
Add: Hequn Road
Open Hours: 7 pm-2 am

Da Taipei Nightclub
Add: No.168 Ruijin N. Road
Open Hours: 7 pm-2 am

Shangri-la Bar
Add: Shaanxi Road
Hours: 6 pm-2 am

Yangxin Zhai Teahouse
Add: No. 57 Beijing Road
Open Hour: 10am-9pm

Theatres & Concerts
People's Theatre
Add: Taiping Road
Hours: 8 pm-10 pm