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Haikou Night Life

Haikou nightlife is just as rich as many other southern cities in China. Going to the street stalls for some local snacks as the night falls would also be a nice way to enjoy the unique feature of this city. It is always full of fun whether you are in a local bar or in a lively nightclub during your Haikou city tour.

However, some tips for tourists especially for female tourists is that you should always look after your own money and goods in entertainment sites and female tourists had better not take their jewelry out or go out alone.

Laoba Tea
Just as its name implies, Laoba (means old dad) teahouse is the place for the old dads and locals to drink tea and chat.

Laoba Tea Houses scattered along the streets of Haikou are the best place for tourists to experience local life. They are often seen in the small streets of the old blocks, such as the Deshengsha Street in Arcaded old streets.

The decoration in these tea houses is not magnificent, yet they are still very popular among Haikou people. The teas here are just common green tea, black tea, or homemade chrysanthemum and jasmine tea and so on. In addition to the supply of tea, there is a variety of snacks, too.

The most enjoyable thing in these simple tea houses is that people who did not know each other before can sit around the tea tables and chat freely to kill time.

In addition, the service of these tea houses is excellent that even patrons only ordered a cup of the cheapest tea and sit in the store from early morning until the nightfall, the waitress are still providing considerate service.

Bars and cafes
Bars of Haikou city are mainly concentrated in the Bar Street in East Road of Haidian Island. The Haikou most unique bars are mostly located in the southern end of the Century Bridge and seaside adjacent to the Ever Green Park.

The street is not long, and it’s just about 10 minutes’ walk. In addition, there are also some scattered near the Huandao Hotel and other corners of the city.

Recommended bars are Hongsijie Bar, Snowhouse Bar, Hollywood Bar, and Bull Disco, although these bars are not big, they are all filled with sub-tropical style characteristics.

As for the cafes of Haikou, Old Tree Cafe, and the UBC Coffee are both popular cafes. In addition, Chinese Tea House and Green Island Gallery are tea houses of high-grade.