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Huangshan Night Life

The nightlife of Huangshan becomes more and more colorful. Several years ago, Huangshan nightlife is flat, even can be described as there is no nightlife in Huangshan. But, Huangshan is totally different nowadays.

You can watch shows in Huizhou Theater, hit bars in Tunxi Old Street or other places, and row a boat on Xinanjiang River. After the day time itinerary, you can go to Foot Massage to have a fully relax. If you are still full of energy, you can go to the disco, dance hall or try the hot activity in China- that is karaoke.

Huangshan Huizhou Theater
Huizhou Theater is a theater gathering Huizhou ancient architecture and modern building styles. Huizhou Theater is an ideal place for experiencing Huizhou culture. Huizhou Theater is the largest establishment for conference which can serve exhibition or congress for over 1000 persons at one time. Shows of Huizhou Theater are all-around from Huizhou Architecture, Huizhou Women, to Huizhou Culture and Huizhou Custom.

Address: 1 Qianyuan Road North, Huangshan, Anhui, China
Phone: 0559-2513072

Huangshan City Singing & Dancing Troupe
Huangshan City Singing & Dancing Troupe was established on the base of the combination of Huangshan City Hui Opera Troupe and Huangshan City Art Troupe in 2004.

The innovative works of folk dancing Huizhou Bandeng Long and massive dramatic play Huiban Jin Jing gained much higher reputation. And the troupe has traveled to Korea for the performances.

Address: No. 64, North Xin’an Rd. Tunxi District

Huangshan Tianzhu Teahouse
Huangshn Ziteng Tea house boasts one of the top grade and largest tea house in Anhui Province.Here you can appreciate the tea skill performance while you taste the fragrant tea.

It offers all kinds Chinese famous tea, such as Dragon Well of West Lake, Pi Luo Chun, Tie Guan Yin, Maofeng of Yellow Mountain, as well as some lady’s favorite tea, like rose flower tea, sweet-scented osmanthus tea. How wonderful the feeling it is!

Hours: 09:00-01:00
Address: No.9-12, South Qianyuan Rd., Tunxi District

Huangshan 9 Centigrade Bar
9 Centigrade Bar is a popular bar in Huangshan offering quality in all ramifications.
Address: Huangshan Shangmao Center, west side of Parking lot

Huangshan Mai Bar
Being one of the best bars in Huangshan City these days, ie is called a true modern meaning bar.
Address: No.12-20, East Section of Century Garden, No. 4, East Xinyuan Rd.

Huangshan Vienna Cafe
Indeed you will have a delightful surprise when you find such a good taste cafe in the small town nestled at the foot of the Yellow Mountain. Surrounded by the elegant environment, this cafe also serves authentic coffee and tasty steak.

Address: No.11-13, Zhongtong Plaza Commercial Street, Pinghu Rd., Huangshan District

Mount Huangshan Winter Photo 5 Days Tour

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