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Huzhou Night Life

There are enough of Cafes and Bars in Huzhou, just follow the old how-to-find-a-party-rule-of-thumb
1 grab some drinks
2 grab some friends
3 walk around Huzhou at night and follow the music in the air. If there's no music in the air, you have to dig deeper into the underground scene of Huzhou. 

Bars in Huzhou

Huzhou Lili Marlene Bar
Huzhou 1926 Bar
Huzhou Old Forest Bar
Huzhou Jinzun Bar
Huzhou 99 bar
Huzhou Soho Bar
Huzhou Parrot Bar
Huzhou Man Hani Bar

Teahouses in Huzhou

Sanwan Tea (Three Bowls of Tea)
Address: No. 73 Hedong Nanxun 100 House, Huzhou

Yonghe Teahouse
Address: No. 94 Deqing County Leisure Stree, Huzhou

Dragon Teahouse
Address: No. 133 -138 Riverside Street, Huzhou

Siyuan Teahouse
Address: No. 67-69 Royal Bay Riverside Road, Huzhou

Deyi Teahouse
Address: No. 212 Mingzhu Road, Huzhou

Kaiyuan Teahouse
Address: No. 259 Longshan Road, Huzhou

Theaters / Cinemas in Huzhou

Earth Digital Cinema
Address: No. 68-69 Yuyingfang Street, Wukang Town, Deqing County, Huzhou

Deqing Silver Age Movie World
Address: No. 158 Zhengxiang Plaza Cheung, YongAn Street, Huzhou

Baiye Dragon Movie World
Address: Xingguo Road, Huzhou