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Kunming Night Life

Kunming people know how to live a leisure life. Nightlife in Kunming is very lively with many KTVs, bars, and clubs. There are a few night markets spotted in this Spring City.

The most famous one is called Kundu Night Market. When night falls, Kundu is crowded with local people and tourists. If you like romantic atmosphere, there are a lot of cafes and teahouses for your option. You can order a cup of coffee or tea and have a free talk with your friends in the soft light. If you look for some exciting and stimulating activities, you can find a KTV to have a small concert or disco club for whole night dance. If you feel like taking a little drink, many characteristic bars are located in the Kundu Night Market, like Soho Bar and David 88.

Soho Bar Address: No. 72, Xinwen Road, Wuhua District, Kunming (昆明市昆都夜市五华区新闻路72号)

David 88 Address: No. 129, Xinwen Road, Wuhua District, Kunming (五华区昆都商城新闻路129号)