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Longsheng Night Life

Most people travelling to Longsheng is to enjoy the beautiful view of the terrace field and minority village.Although Longsheng is not the big city,it still have many entertament places where vistors can have a great nightlife in Longsheng.Except the beautiful scenery and peaceful night.Here are some KTV or Leisure clubs in Longsheng you can enjoy your night.

Bar / Entertainment Club in Longsheng

Jing Xin Leisure club 
Add: Longsheng County 

Gunshi Fashion Music Bar
Add: Xing Long North Road, Longsheng County 

Gunshi Entertainment City
Add: Xing Long Middle Road, Longsheng County 

KTV in Longsheng  
Crown Cashbox (Huangguan Qiangui) KTV
Add: Xinglong West, Longsheng County

Haoledi KTV Entertainment City
Add: North Xing Long Road

Dream Island (Mengzhidao) KTV
Add: Xinglong West, Longsheng County