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Nanchang Night Life

Nanchang is a culturally inclusive city which embraces both historical and modern factors. Besides its dignified hue as a provincial capital, the city’s many traditional customs - and a cheerful festival atmosphere - can be found at tea ceremonies, stilt dances and other splendid cultural shows and performances.

Temple Fair at Shengjin Tower

This annual event with a set at Shengjin Tower between September and October. It features opera shows, snacks fair, living goods fair, and tourist activities have obtained great popularity among visitors domestic and inbound.

Poyang Lake Crabfest

This special festival stars crabs from Poyang Lake with themed activities including Crab King Voting, Crab Trade Fair, Crab Base Inspection, and firework show. (Every October)

Clothes Sunning Festival

This festival falls on the 6th day of the 6th month of Chinese lunar calendar, which is believed to be the day when the God of Rain in Chinese mythology and Temple Buddhas sun their clothes. Folk people just follow suit by digging out all their clothes from wardrobe and cases to sun, which prevents clothes from going mouldy and damaged by worms.

Teahouse Meeting

Teahouse has been an important occassion for people to meet and social since drinking tea is time-honored tradition prevalent across the city. The teahouse is usually furnished and decorated in  an affable and simple way. Visitors will be provided with abundant options on side dishes to consume while drinking tea.