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Nanning Night Life

As the cultural centers of Guangxi,the famous historical and cultural city,Nanning has a profound traditional culture.Today, Nanning has recreational facilities and maturing market thriving cultural, recreational activities and colorful nightlife.

There are many good place for recreation and entertainment.Vistors can relax themselves at many places such as nightclubs, dance halls, gyms, bars, cafes and so on.

Mingdian Coffee-tea House
Address: Yinyu Building, No. 22, Old Town Road
Tel: 0771 -5868815

Mingshi cafe
Address: Block B, the cultural market, No. 6,Xinmin Road
Tel: 0771 -2613151

Happy Home Performing Arts Liquor City
Address: NO.12, North Star Lake Road
Tel: 0771 -5868538

The New Concept Bar

Address: Xinxing Building,National Avenue
Tel: 0771 -5887258

Hangyang Style Casino
Address: No. 51, Democratic Road
Tel: 0771 -5632919

Brighter Entertainment Plaza
Address: Langdong Hotel, No. 113 National Avenue
Tel: 0771 -5535888