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Shanghai Night Life

Shanghai’s nightlife is one of the most vibrant and elegant especially the amazing night scene along The Bund. The contrast between the glamorous historic buildings and the brightly lit skyscrapers and modern architecture is absolutely magnificent at night. Looking across the Huangpu River at night you can see the beautiful Oriental Pearl Tower and Jinmao Tower. The best way to experience the night scenery is by taking the Huangpu River Cruise.

There are some of the best high class bars and lounges for those who want to chill and relax. Some of the best bars are located at Xintiandi. It is said this is where east meets west, there is a range of delicious restaurants offering cuisines from different countries.

The Huangpu River night cruise presents a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the night life on the Bund. There are many boats carrying tourists, including deluxe boats, ancient dragon boats of Ming and Qing styles, boats of Shikumen style of old Shanghai, Pirate Boat, etc. The boat fare is CNY 68. Whatever kind of boat you take, the view to be seen here at night will be sure to live on in your memory for years to come.

Being a city that never sleeps, Shanghai’s liveliness goes well beyond daytime activity. At night when people come out to play, the city’s clubs and bars are its heartbeat, positively pulsating with energy and buzzing with excitement.

Top Shanghai Bars

Shanghai, which enjoys the reputation of Oriental Pearl, is full of bars with different styles. If you do not understand Shanghai bars you do not understand Shanghai night life. 

Luna Bar
The bar is also a restaurant. They provide Italian-style food. People usually just go there for lunch. In the evening, there are performances by Philippine bands. The bands are good at making you excited. It is a good place to hold parties with your friends.
Address: NO.169 Taicang Road
Open Time: 11:30 to 2:00 

Hard Rock Cafe
Add: No. 1376 W. Nanjing Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 62798133
Description: It provides a spirited atmosphere to drink and listen to live pop and rock music
Opening Time: 20:00 - 00:00 

The Cotton Club
Add: No.1428 Huaihai Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 64377110
Description: It boasts the best live blues and jazz acts in Shanghai.
Opening Time: 7:30PM-midnight 

California Club
Address: Renaissance Park, NO.2 Gaolan Road
Open Time:
Sunday to Wednesday: 21:00 to 2:00 
Thursday to Saturday: 21:00 to 4:00 

Address: NO.48 Qinghai Road
Open Time: 22:00 - 0:00 

Theaters & Concerts

Shanghai Grand Theatre

Add: No. 300 Renmin Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 63868686
Description: It shows everything from Irish dancing to Russian ballet.
Opening Time: 20:00 - 22:00

Shanghai Acrobatic Theater
Add: No. 1376 W. Nanjing Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 62798606
Description: One of the most popular theaters where the acrobatic performance is on shows every night.
Opening Time: 19:30 - 21: 30 

Shanghai Concert Hall
Shanghai Concert Hall - Shanghai NightlifeAdd: No. 523 E. Yan'an Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 63869153
Description: It primarily hosts classical music performances by local groups.
Opening Time: 20:00 - 22:00 

Paradise Cinema
Add: No. 308 Anfu Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 64312961
Opening Time: 9:00 - 22:00 

Shanghai Acrobatics Show

Besides the glittering colonial buildings and bustling streets, Shanghai also offers spectacular acrobatic shows for those looking for eye-popping fun. Chinese acrobatics are widely known in the world. Nowadays performers have put more effort than ever to China tours make it as wonderful as possible.