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Shaoxing Night Life

Nightlife in Shaoxing combines the modern life with the traditional features.The water town is peaceful and gentle with modern performances.There are some great coffee house in Shaoxing like Shaoxing Qingteng Teahouse and Shaoxing Shangri-la Coffee Bar.These two places are perfect for conversation between friends or business partners.There are many kinds of coffee vistors can enjoy.

Shaoxing Qingteng Teahouse

Qingteng Teahouse is one of the earliest teshouses in Shaoxing.With all kinds of tea and the great environment,it is a idesl place to invite some friends and enjoy a cup of tea there.

Address: No. 15 Zhongxing graden, Shaoxing  

Shaoxing Shangri-la Coffee Bar

It’s said Shangri-la is the most beautiful place in the world.Everyone’s Shangri-la is different. Shaoxing Shangri-la Coffee Bar is a wonderful place for coffee.Spending your day here and enjoy the peace.

Address: No. 101 Laodong Road, Shaoxing
Phone: 0575-85220977