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Guoqiang Shouzhua

Ningxia Guoqiang Shouzhua Food Ltd is a famous restaurant that specializes in authentic Halal dishes in the provincial city of Yinchuan. Founded in 1982 and has gained wide popularity among Muslim restaurants with its increasing number of branches.

Guoqiang Shouzhua attracts people by its genuine regional Ningxia flavor and authentic Muslim food. When coming to the Guoqiang Shouzhua, the boiled mutton is the must-try dish. The mutton materials are finely selected and quite fresh to get the original flavor of tender, crispy and tasty. After the delicious boiled mutton, you can try the roast whole lamb, the sizzling sheep pulp with fried eggs and Sanpaotai (a kind of beverage with unique and mellow flavor).

Signature Dishes: Boiled Mutton, Assorted Chinese Herbal Tea, Stew Eggplant Clay Pot

Opening Hours: 10:00AM - 9:00PM

Average Costs Per Person: 70 Yuan