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Laohanzi Hakka Restaurant

Hakka cuisine,also called Dongjiang cuisine, originate from the East River of northern Guangdong, Xing Mei area.It is considered as “Guangdong three cuisine”with Chaozhou cuisine and Cantonese cuisine.

The Hakka cuisine in Laohanzi Hakka Restaurant is very authentic with less light oil and rich flavor.Laohanzi Hakka Restaurant has a romantic and elegant style environment.People can enjoy dinner outdoors.Seeing the lake view, listen to the wind,relax yourself.

Laohanzi Hakka Restaurant is one of few Hakka restaurants in Beijing.The meal prices here are not expensive and there are many foreign diners come here to enjoy Hakka cuisine.The restaurant has a booming business.

The three cups duck of Laohanzi Hakka Restaurant looks very greasy, but tastes very fragrant and not greasy at all. Special parcel bass is very delicious.It smells fragrant and dips the fresh fish into the juice, no wonder so many people love this dish. Hakka stuffed tofu is filling meat and pepper in tofu and sprinkle little south green onion which is tasty and refreshing.

Cuisine: Hakka, Guangdong
Add: On the eastern shore of Shichahai Lake, Xicheng District
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