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Silk Road Restaurant

Silk Road Restaurant is one of the famous Halal restaurants in Xi'an. It has convenient transportation and is easy to find out as it is situated quite close to the famous scenic spot Big Wild Goose Pagoda.

Silk Road Pagoda is noted for its delicate decoration and tasty Muslim food. As the name Silk Road suggests, this restaurant is decorated in the antique style, but quite delicate and elegant. The building of the restaurant is furnished into the wooden Tang Dynasty style with carved beams, painted rafters and cornice brackets. The great views to enjoy at the restaurant would add more fun to your meal.

Halal food provided at Silk Road Restaurant is very authentic and fresh. The naan series dishes are hot choices among customers.
Stewed tender mutton with naan, stewed fish with naan, stewed beef with naan, all these dishes are delicious and tasty. Boiled mutton and cold dish beef are also highly recommended when dining at Silk Road Restaurant. 

Signature Dishes: Big Plate Chicken, Stewed Tender Mutton with Naan, Boiled Mutton, Cold Dish Beef

Business Hours: 11:30—21:30

Parking Pot: free parking

Big Plate Chicken

Stewed tender Mutton with naan