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Tongshengxiang Restaurant

Tongshengxiang Restaurant is one of the old and famous Halal restaurants in Xi'an. The restaurant was founded in 1920. It is situated in the Bell & Drum Town Square which stands in the center of Xi'an city.

Tongshengxiang Restaurant has gained its wide fame and solid customers by its tasty food. You can eat the famous local Xi'an flavors at the restaurant, like Yangrou Paomo and Niurou Paomo. Or you can have authentic Muslim food. And Qin Chuan hot pot and sea food are also provided at this restaurant.

The restaurant has four floor and each floor offer different kinds of dishes. The Yangrou Paomo sold at this restaurant with the soft mutton, mellow soup and tasty flavor really attracts many customers. Other dishes like the  braised oxtail, cold rice noodles, roasted lamb chops, sesame fillet and pine nuts mutton are recommended.

Signature Dishes: Cruded Pancake in Mutton Soup, Cruded Pancake in Beef Soup, Sesame Paste Cold Noodle, Beef Seasoned with Soy Sauce

Business Hours: 10:30—21:30

Parking Pot: YES

Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup 

Braised Oxtail