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Shopping in Anshun

Anshun Local products
Anshun Buyi Carpet
Buyi Carpets, which feature strong ethnic characteristics, has great artistic value and has been exported all over the world.

Anshun Wax-printing
Anshun is famous for its wax-priting. It is said that wax-printing began more than two thousand years ago when wax from a beehive dribbled carelessly over some linen waiting to be dyed. The patterns were so beautiful that people began to duplicate them on purpose.

Kitchen Knife, Scissors and Leather Knife
The kitchen knife, scissors and leather knife are known as the “three knives” in Anshun. They are not only useful and durable, but have great ethnic beauty.

Ethnic embroidery
Colorful ethnic embroidery mainly made by artisans from the Buyi and Gejia minorities. They are durable, attractive, and beautiful.

An Wine
An wine is a famous wine in Anshun, which it An wine has won more than 50 prizes at home and abroad, such “the Golden Cup Prize”, “the National Prize for Product of high quality” and “the Prize of World Star”. It is characterized by clearness, aroma, sweetness and lasting flavor.