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Shopping in Chengde

As a famous historical, cultural and historical city in China, Chengde is not only has profound cultural heritage, but also teems with a variety of unique folk arts and crafts. Chengde boasts a lot of special souvenirs such as Teng’s Cloth-Pasted Painting which is regarded as a “unique talent of Cathay”, Fengning Paper-cutting, Chengde Woodcaving, Summer Resort Hanging Brocade, Porcelain Carved Art, as well as wood chip carvings. You have many options to buy local specialties or just do some leisurely window shopping. 

What to Buy 

Chengde is famous for its almonds. Sweet almond drinks are sold in tanks by street vendors. A powder form is sold in packets everywhere. Chengde is quite famous for jade pillows. Pillows with little flat round pieces of jade sewn together that are especially comfortable in the summer heat.

Teng’s Cloth-Pasted Painting
One of the most popular products with tourists visiting Chengde is Teng’s Cloth-Pasted Painting invented by the famous folk artist Teng Teng, which is regarded as a “unique talent of Cathay”. It is a style of painting combining brushwork with sculpture, embroidery, paperhanging, and paper-cutting. It is popular in using materials, magnificent in colors, exquisite in workmanship, vivid in pictures, special in subjects and suitable for collecting etc. Either the figure, scenery or birds, flowers, fishes, insects could be painted in a picture. It makes full use of the effect of perspective in oil painting, also the character of Chinese traditional painting. It has not only the colorful appearance of Gongbi Picture but also the style of cloth-pasted picture. There are representative works are "Dragon and Phoenix Wall", "The Peerless Cloth-pasted Temple", "The Magic Phoenix Bottle" and "Daweide's Fear of Buddha" etc. These attractive paintings can be hung on the wall or laid on a table as a truly wonderful decoration.

Summer Resort Hanging Brocade
The summer Resort Hanging Brocade takes the representation forms of Chinese traditional Zhongtang Drawing. The French grey or light yellow satin was pains a group of landscape garden buildings by exquisite technique. Pavilions and attics, fountain and waterfall, everything should be there. The design due is graceful and refreshing. It uses the typical reality –writing technique in the court pictures with remarkable regional features and bright national styles. 

Fengning Paper-cutting
Flourishing in the year of Emperor Qianlong (1736-1795) in the Qing Dynasty, Fengning Paper-cutting is a long-history characteristic souvenir of Chengde. Traditionally, it was a decorations adhibited on the windows in the spring festival for its happiness. It uses the exaggeration and deformation to form a new idea, full of dense native atmosphere. The character is the leading of the relief cutting that is accompanied by the intaglio cutting. In the composition, lines are the leading ones that are accompanied by sides. The themes are mainly animals, folk legends, opera figures, which can be painted in mixed color or a single one. The pattern is plain and appears to all. In 1984, two local Paper-cut craftsmen were invited to "Disneyland" to show the paper cutting and enjoyed a great fame. After that, the Fengning Papper-cutting walked toward the world.

Chengde Wood Chip Carvings
Wood chip is the scrap with marks and grains on them. But their shape is natural. So they can be used as the new material for handicrafts. The wood chip carving is made of its own natural feature. It focuses on the natural harmony and pure beauty. The wood chip carving is a new style of artistic creation and the representative words include Peddling and Heavy-jowled and Potbellied etc.

Recommended Chengde Shopping Places

Kangqian Tourist Shopping Mall
It offers the special natural products to be found in Chengde such as wild almonds, walnuts, Chinese chestnuts, hazelnuts, mushrooms, hawthorn and nasturtium, etc. The almond juice made from wild almonds has distinct aroma and leaves a pleasantly lingering aftertaste, which is popular at home and abroad.
Address: B1B, Rongji Garden, Puning Road

Chengde Department Store
This is the oldest and largest state-run enterprise in that city that carries articles of daily use and is highly popular with local consumers.
Address: No.1, Wenjia Gou

Landao Plaza
Merchandise: Selling mostly name-brand products made in China and souvenirs of Chengde
Address: Wuyun Bridge, Shuangqiao District

Nanyinzi Street
The large-scale shopping malls and supermarkets are located in Nanyingzi Street such as Department Store, Shopping City of Chengde, which are mainly for the Name –brand shoes and local specialties of Chengde.

Puning Street
A good place for shopping, Puning Street is a cultural commercial street lying in the eastern courtyard of the Puning Temple. You can appreciate the folk performances whilst buying some curios, famous tea, jade articles, brocades and other local products.