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Shopping in Dali

Exquisite Local and Special Products

The beautiful natural environment has helped the Bai people cultivated a noble and graceful aesthetic taste. They are good at making traditional and special products with local resources.

Marble from Cangshan Mountain has been quarried for more than 1,000 yeas since the Tang Dynasty. The stone appears in a great variety and has fine quality and has unique veins. The stone is processed into screens or decorations for high quality modern furniture and ancient buildings. When polished, it presents various natural patterns, such as mountains, rivers, plants ,birds ,animals, and figures. White marble is a fine material, which is carved into pen containers. Ashtrays, flower vases, tea sets, and ornaments.

Tie dyeing of the Bai ethnic group uses indigo as the dyestuff.It is a time honored handicraft. First, white cloth is tied and sewn into various patterns by hand and then dyed. Designs of bees, butterflies. Plum blossoms, fish ,or insects thus appear with an artistic effect that can not be achieved in painting.

Known for its exquisite designs and multi-layer carving,wood carving in Jianchuan County is a 1,000-year-old traditional handicraft . Most of the carvings are used to decorate lattice doors and classical furniture.The carvings has more than 100 designs including Twin Phoenixs Turning to the Sun, A Magpie Perching on Top of a Plum, A Soaring Dragon Holding the Moon, and one Hundred Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix. 

Known for their exquisite workmanship and novel design, gold, silver, and copper ornaments from Hequng County are matchless handicrafts of the Bai ethnic group. They are manufactured as jewelry, amulets, wine sets or are mounted on sheaths of the local Bai, Tibetan, Miao, and Han people. They are loved by people of other ethnic groups in China and people in neighboring countries.

Other traditional handicrafts from the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture include embroidery, ink slabs, pottery, and porcelain.

The shopping market in Dali

Shopping in dali china, you don't worry and can find the place easily if you want to take a few of small unique gifts to go home to send. You can buy marble handicraft products such as Wenfang four treasures, flower pots, vases, lamp etc. which are made of marble in Gucheng or Xiaguan.

The Rushan of Dengchuan in Dali is very famous, which are bought in each miscellaneous store and agriculture trade markets.The Laran and Zharan of Bai Nationality which has the race special features are the loving handicraft articles, they are also everywhere in Gucheng or Xiaguan.

The wood carvings of Jianchuan were furnitures, doors and windows, screens...etc. The Tuo Tea is in Xiaguan, the form likes the mushroom hat, it doesn't change flavor for long time, the aroma is special, it is bought in each miscellaneous store. which were made by that civil craftsmen in Jianchuan, they developed some pieces of small handicraft products in the recent years, provided for visitors to take,selling in each handicraft product store .

Recommend the shopping places

Huguo Road: It is the ground that visitors necessarily visit, concentrated the various textiles, handicraft products of national minority and special products of Tibet and Yunnan, the visitors can get bonus in the numerous curio stores. At the Butterfly Spring neighborhood, there is a village called Zhoucheng, there are buses and ponies to go there in Gucheng or Xiaguan of Dali, the visitors might go to the home of the village people to see, almost of them each have the small workshop where they make Laran or Zharan. The local carvings of seal are also very good.