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Shopping in Daocheng

Actually there are not special things to buy when travel to Daocheng, but its unique geography has made those rare and precious medicinal materials the main products to buy. But you can also buy some special crafts or ornaments of Tibetan features as souvenirs.

Caterpillar Fungus
This is a kind of expensive and precious medicinal materials that have great benefits to strengthen health. And you can buy in Daocheng.

Tibetan ornaments and accessories
There are many exquisite Tibetan ornaments like headwear, earrings, bracelets, necklaces that are made of natural stones, carol reef, animal bones and silver with fine handwork and unique design. These ornaments of Tibetan styles are great gifts and souvenirs for your friends.

Daocheng shopping street - Echu Street
This is the place where you can go shopping. Tibetan ornaments and accessories, and medicinal materials could be bought at this shopping street. And at the street, you can buy highland barley wine, butter tea, air dried meat, wild mushroom.