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Shopping in Dengfeng

Visitors can find a good selection of markets and department stores within the city zone. Dengfeng has been a commercial city for centuries and today. The area also produces fruits such as dates, persimmons, pomegranates, watermelon and cherries etc. All these succulent fruits are worth trying for their flavor and quality. There are commodity storage facility, transport service, community service, large shopping center, leisure and entertainment facilities.

Chinese Medicinal Stone Cups
At the foot of Song Mountain, there produces a medicinal stone called Maifan Shi (literally meaning wheat and rice stone). This magic stone contains more than forty essential active elements for human body. Dengfeng people are very inventive to make this stone into tea cups. It is very useful for health, improving the immune function and increasing the anti-infective function. Besides, the cups are nicely crafted which makes them best for gifts and souvenirs.

Songshan delicacies

Stone tea, chestnut, jujube, Hericium, kiwi, honeysuckle and other delicacies Songshan ginseng fruit are very good.Songshan, located in the center of the Five Sacred Mountains which a unique geographical position, is the world geological park. The soil is very rich in trace elements, the product produced different from other places and the production of honeysuckle is a royal tribute.

Shaolin Long Weapon
If you can take home Songshan Shaolin long weapon is a souvenir good, but now the airport, automotive, rail transportation checks are very stringent,so suggest that taking others like some beads , chestnut, jujube, Hericium, etc.There are many tourist shops near the Shaolin music ceremony scene and outside the gate.

Songshan stone tea
Dengfeng Songshan stone specialty tea: use Songshan stone as raw material, and with a wild daisy, wild mint, mountain bamboo leaves, wolfberry,more than ten kinds of natural Chinese plants, according to Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism traditional tea recipes, refined with modern technology.