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Shopping in Dunhuang

There is plenty of shopping centres in Dunhuang such as Flying mall, Tianma market and NaGuan comprehensive market. The Oasis market which looks like a shopping centre sells a lot of clothes, shoes; hats which can be worn in the desert, they are always on a good sale.

At daylight it becomes a street to experience different kinds of food. There is a wide range of different, delicious snacks here such as yellow noodles, the meat clip and SaoZi noodles and many more.

The luminous wine glass and local fruits enjoys a great popularity among people. The others consist of coloured sculptures, luminous wine glass, crystal glasses, process calligraphy and painting. Carpentry is an important part of Dunhuang specialty.

The Dunhuang was also called "Guaxiang", meaning the hometown of fruits. The grape and watermelon are the ones that stand out.

Located in the northwest plateau, Dunhuang has a typical temperate continental climate. Its Circadian Temperature Disparity is obvious and its earth is suitable for growing melon and other similar fruits.

Dunhuang apocynum is also popular as a gift when visiting relatives and friends, people are always willing to bring some green health Dunhuang tea or healthy food as a gift. In recent years Dunhuang developed the preserved fruit products in series.

The camel is the main tool for trade and transportation on the Silk Road. Its resistance to very high and low temperatures, hunger and thirst is what makes them unique from other animals. they are often used for carrying goods and can last for a long distance .Also it is a unique animal in the desert.

Therefore, camels are often used for carrying goods and can last for a long distance. The boat of the desert is the best way to describe them. We may learn a lot from their gritty life, the perseverance, spirit and enduring hardship are appreciated. With cotton inside, the camel toys and handiworks are hand-made in simple but beautiful styles which express the spirit very well. It will definitely please your friends and family when you show them this.