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Shopping in Guiyang

As a capital of Guizhou (a province with so many ethnic minorities), Guiyang is famous for its crafts, local products - especially the Dried Beef, wooden crafts, traditional Chinese medicines, Miao silver ornaments, ox horn products and unsophisticated totem masks.

What to Buy
For shopping in Guiyang, you may consider these special selections: Maotai Wine (Moutai); Maojian Tea, originating from Duyun City in southern Guizhou; Embroideries and Cross-Stitch Products, traditional Guiyang crafts; Batik Products; Odd Stones and Yuping Flute, a traditional handmade musical instrument that has a 300 year long history. They are widely popular among tourists. 

Maotai liquor
Maotai liquor, produced in Maotai, Renhuai County, is one of the world's three most famous distilled liquors. In 1915, Maotai won global fame at the Panama World Fair. Since 1949 it has won 14 international gold prizes and been named the No.1 national liquor for years. Maotai is clear and transparent, and offers a pure, mild and mellow soysauce fragrance that lingers.

Guiding Yunwu Tea
Grown on Yunwu Mountain in Guiding County, Guiding Yunwu Tea was given as a tribute to the early Qing Dynasty. The leaves resemble fishhooks, thin and soft, with whitish hair. This green tea is much favored for its low caffeine and high catchpoll content.

Anshun Batik
It is a traditional handicraft of the Buoyeis in the Anshun. Traditional designs of flowers, birds, fish and insects produced on indigo-dyed cotton cloth reflect strong ethnic characteristics. Recently, colorful silk and wool batiks have been made. There are over 1,000 types of products including cloth, bedding, tapestries, caps and purses.

Yuping Flutes
Flutes produced in Yuping County have won international prizes. These elaborately carved flutes made of local bamboo roduce a clear and beautiful sound.

Ethnic Silver Articles
The silver ornaments produced in Huangping County are mainly two types - Miao and Gejia. Both of them include headgear, necklaces and bracelets. Each type has its distinct shapes, patterns and motifs. Miao ornaments mainly use dog, cat, horse, insect, flower and bird motifs, while the Gejia prefer sun, stars, dragon, phoenix, bat and certain plant motifs.

Where to Buy
The main commercial streets of Guiyang are Zhonghua Road, Beijing Road, Zunyi Road, Ruijin Road and Zhongshan Road. Zhonghua Road fully lies grand shopping malls, which is the heaven for shopping and the place where the local people frequently do shopping. Besides, Yangming Road Birds Follows and Antiques Market is the favorite place of Guiyang people for relaxing during weekends.

The Main Shopping Streets in Guiyang
Zhonghua Lu Shopping Street
Yan'an Lu Shopping Street
Zhonghua Lu Shopping Street
Beijing Lu Shopping Street
The Yan'an Lu Night Market
The Time Square