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Shopping in Hefei

Shopping in Hefei China is not bad, and most of the specialties from around Anhui and beyond make their way to the Hefei shopping mall, markets, stalls, shops and department stores around town.There are various kinds of local products, including feather fan, Chaohu whitebait, hairy crab, tiger-skin cumquat-shaped yolk egg, bamboo carving etc.

Besides, as Hefei is the capital city of the Anhui province, one can find abundant specialties from the province, such as Xuan paper from Jingxian, Hui ink-stick and She ink-slab from Shexian, iron picture from Wuhu, Fengyang painting, ceramics from Jieshou, Fuliji roast chicken, Kouzi liquor from Huaibei, Gujinggong liquor from Bozhou, crisp pear from Dangshan, Maofeng tea from Mt. Huangshan, Anhui black tea from Qimen, Anhui green tea from Tunxi, Houkui tea from Taiping and etc.

"Four Treasures of the Study" refers to four stationeries in writing Chinese calligraphy, including brush, ink-stick, paper and ink-stone. It is one of the most representative Chinese souvenirs that you should never miss.

There are many Century old shop roducing some of these treasures such as Jin County is famous for producing Xuan Paper and Xuan Pen, while She County is for producing Hui Ink and She Ink stone. Anyway, Four Treasures of the Study is one of the most representative Chinese souvenirs that you should never miss.

As a province near the sea, seafood is also one of the popular specialties in Hefei. Chaohu Whitebait and Da-zha crab are the top popular seafood. It is said that the best Da-zha Crab is produced in Yangcheng Lake located in Kunshan City, but the Da-zha Crab in Hefei compares equally with it.

The city is also notable for the variety of its fruits, that still arrive on the markets seasonally. Species include pears, pomegranates, grapes and kiwi, among others.

There are several kinds of tea in Anhui, in that Anhui is the essence of Chinese tea culture. Huangshan Maofeng is considered one of the top ten green teas in China that is also well-known overseas.

Commercial Center of Hefei
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Huitong Commercial Plaza
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Xinfei Shopping Center
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Liangchen Commercial Plaza
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Tianchen Shopping Center
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