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Shopping in Huangshan

If you have chance to visit Huangshan, you will not miss the handmade crafts and natural local products during your Huangshan tour. The best choice to buy is the Maofeng Tea, Huizhou ink stick and She inkstand.In Huangshan, there is the Tea Street for visitors to purchase the choicest Huangshan teas, as well as learn more about China's tea ceremony and tea culture in the Tea Exhibition Hall there.Huangshan City is the largest center for tea trading in south Anhui Province.

Huangshan Tea CityHuangshan is famous for its tea planting and production.It is generally agreed that China is the hometown of tea. For the people who are passionate about tea, the many tea shops lining the streets of Huangshan is a paradise.Huangshan Tea is a kind of famous tea in China. Huangshan Maofeng Tea grown in Huangshan is regarded as one of the top ten green-tea of China. Huangshan City is the largest center for tea trading in south Anhui Province.

Huangshan Tea City is the largest and highest tea trade center in south Anhui Province. You can not only buy every kind of tea but can also experience tea culture first hand in tea history hall; you can have a tea taste at tasting tea hall and appreciate tea ceremony in any of the existing performance halls.Address: No. 35 in Hehua West Road, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, China

Huangshan Jiadeli Supermarket: Jiadeli Supermarket is the largest supermarket in Huangshan City. Located near Tunxi Ancient Street, the Jiadeli Supermarket is normally included with any visit to the ancient street. The supermarket has something for everybody. The supermarket has a huge selection of local snacks that are packaged for visitors to take home with them.

Tunxi Ancient Street: Located about an hour away from Huangshan Mountain, A number of the shops have been open for hundreds of years. The street is lined with antique shops, medicine shops, teahouses, restaurants and galleries, and most of the shops carry the "Four Treasures of the Study", which are the Paintbrush, Inkstick, Inkstone, and Paper used by artists to create traditional Chinese paintings.

It is a popular destination for locals and visitors to people watch, walk around, and try the local snacks. Most all of Huangshan's local specialties can be found in the Tunxi Ancient Street making it a favorite place for visitors to do their shopping during their Huangshan travel.

Tunxi Ancient Street is also famous for its night market.It has one of China's best antique markets, where antiques and not ancient items can be found. There also lots of the other traditional Chinese curios and handicrafts available on Tunxi Ancient Street, such as brush calligraphy, ink painting and woodcarvings. 

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