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Shopping in Huzhou

There are some Huzhou specialty products, including Taihu lily bulbs, Huzhou writing brush, Changxing zisun tea, Changxing purple-grit tea pots, Shuanglin brocade and silk, etc. 

Changxing Zisun Tea

Zisun tea, also called Huzhou Zisun and Changxing Zisun, is a famous traditional of China and produced in Changxing County of Huzhou city. It has enjoyed a great reputation as early on as more than 1200 years ago. With finished workmanship of making tea, it is made of slim and tender tea buds, which are a bit purple in color and in shape of bamboo shoots, whence came the name of Zisun tea.

Shopping Places in Huzhou

1 Huzhou Xintiandi
Address: Yushu Street, Huzhou
Tel: 0572-2198016

2 Huzhou Nonggongshang Supermarket
Address: Jiangnan Gongmao Street, Huzhou

3 Huzhou Lao Da Fang Supermarket
Address: Jijiaqiao, Xinhua Road, Huzhou
Tel: 0572-2070726

4 Guanfeng Mall
Address: Guanfeng Rd, Huzhou
Tel: 0572-2058002

5 Huzhou RT-Mart
Address: Binhe Road, Huzhou
Tel: 0572-2111783

6 Huzhou CENTURY Mart
Address: No. 421 East Tiaoxi Road, Huzhou
Tel: 0572-2216061