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Shopping in Kelamayi

Junggar Avenue which is located near People's Square is the most prosperous place in Karamay.Vistors can find almost everything they want here from the coastal and inland fashionable items to local characteristics ethnic minorities’ goods.There are large green square and a variety of cultural and entertainment places near the commercial district.It’s a great place to shopping in Karamay and relax.


Taqiyah,also called “Duoba”in Uighur,is the hat Uighur young and old love to wear.It’s the dome-shaped hat,not only practical,but also is a kind of decorative arts and crafts. Taqiyah is usually decorated with black and white or color silk embroidered ethnic form patterns.

Taqiyah is not only necessary for everyday life but also is the precious gift for friends and guests.Nowdays, Taqiyah has become an important tourism product selling in domestic and foreign markets.

Ed Royce silk

Ed Royce silk is Uighur women's favorite silk material, known for its colorful.The common color is green, sapphire blue, yellow, green, pink, purple, orange, yellow, bright green, black, white and others.Its delicate pattern structure, strong colors, transparent and realistic, reflect the light and color beauty of the nature.