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Shopping in Leshan

Leshan is rife with souvenir stands and shops, most of which are full of the usual trinkets, tea, arts & crafts and other touristic memorabilia. Bamboo products are popular, including bamboo weavings and tender bamboo shoot, which can be had fresh or dried. 

As a mid-sized Chinese city, Leshan offers a bit of everything, and on a manageable scale: modern malls, brand-name stores and small, old-fashioned mom & pop shops are all on hand. It's a pleasant place to spend half a day or more wandering and exploring, and the prices are certainly lower on the whole than in larger cities.

If you're looking for something unique in the area, your best bet is locally produced tea. Emei Tea, the Jasmine Tea is very popular and served as a good souvenir. If you have enough time, it's worth visiting a few tea shops and sampling the goods before purchasing.

Other popular items include various medicinal herbs, many of which flourish in the unique microclimates found on Emei Shan and other area mountains. Be careful with these, as some can be toxic if taken the wrong way or in too great a quantity.  

Leshan Local Products

The mascot of the E'mei Mountain is a small naughty m. It has a cute name called Xianling, which means that the E'mei Mountain is a fairy mountain and Buddhist kingdom. The small m is the son of the E'mei Mountain, which assimilates the spiritualism and nimbus of the E'mei Mountain. Several M series products are developed based on this prototype. Tourists may select and purchase them at the E'mei Mountain tourist products wholesale center. They are also sold on all stands in the scenic area.

Emei Tea
Emei Tea has enjoyed a great fame as early on as the Jin Dynasty. According to the Historical Records of Huayang District, both Nan'an and Wuyang produce famous tea. The Selection of Refined Literature Annotation also has records that E'mei Mountain has many medicinal herbs. Teas are specially excellent and different from others under heaven. E'mei and Xueya was very famous in the Song Dynasty. Su Dongpo, a great writer in the Song Dynasty, has written a poem to give high praise to it. 

Leshan Shopping Centers

Jiazhou Tiandiren Culture Street (the former Mishuiyuan Walking Street)
Address: between Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area and Ebony Treasure Art Museum
Bus Route: Bus No.1, 12, 13

Hongqi Shopping Mall
Commodities: seasonings, daily necessities, cultural articles
Address: Jingyue Mansion, Zhugongxi Street

Zhongbai Shopping Mall
Address: No.2 Yutang Street, Shizhong District
Business Hours: From Monday to Sunday 08:30-21:30 (in summer); 08:30-21:00 (in winter)

Mall Spring Department Store
Address: No.176, Jiading Road (South)
Bus route: Bus No.1, 2, 12, 13

Sanba Shopping Mall
Address: No.17 Yutang Street, Shizhong District