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Shopping in Longsheng

Longsheng has no shopping center or big commercial street.Vistors can buy embroideries and the silver accessories made by the local minorities here.

Famous Specialty Products in Longsheng

Longji tea, Longji peppers, Longji watery wine, Longji fragrant glutinous rice are called Longji Four Treasures in Longsheng. Longji tea tastes bitter at first,then becomes sweet. Longji peppers are very spicy. Longji watery wine which made from Longji glutinous rice,is sweet and refreshing.

Vistors can buy other featured products in Longsheng like soapstone wares, bamboo wares,vegetables and so on.With the best-quality to carving,Longsheng soap carvings make great souvenirs.Longsheng area has great bamboo like sifang, luohan and zi bamboo.The walking sticks made by the local bamboo is very popular.Vistors love it for its useful and also commemorative.

There are various handicrafts and artworks made by minorities like Zhuang brocade, Dong blankets, Dong kerchiefs, Dong brocades, Yao embroidered items, colored silk balls, insoles, and perfume pouches.