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Shopping in Pingyao

There are many special products and craftworks for sale in the old town. Shopping in Pingyao old town is known for lacquer wares, silk slippers, papper cuttings and cloth shoes. You can easily see these because the streets are lines with shops that cater toward tourists.

Local Craftworks

Pingyao Smooth Lacquer

It is learned that Pingyao smooth lacquer is one of the four top lacquers in China, which is noted for its unique technique to smooth the surface by hands. According to the record, the craftwork comes of Tang Dynasty, and now it has been the favorable tour souvenirs. It is in elegant pattern, flowery drawing, and exquisite handle. The varieties include casket, disc, folding screen, fitment……

Pingyao Paper-cut
The Paper-cut is very common for the civilian of Pingyao. In old days it used to be pasted on the wall or windows for jollification. Now it has been the admiring handcrafts as fewer and fewer arriving generations could master the technic. The designs collects all-embracing such as flower, birds, fish, insect and so on. It is hard to believe those amazingly beautiful pieces of cut paper are only done buy a pair of scissor.

Handcraft Cloth Shoes

The prominent feature of the Cloth Shoes is highly ventilate, absorbing sweet, so it takes good care of your health. Tiger-head shoe embodies the traditional needlecraft level of China. The tiger-head model in the front of the shoe is cute, symbolizing luck and fortune. The soft cloth takes good care of the children’s foot.

Liuhetai Pillow

“Liuhetai” means harmony and peace of the world in Chinese. The Liuhetai pillow is different from the traditional solid pillow we used. It is almost cuboid with symmetrical communicating apertures on each side. Such a design endows the pillow with an ability to breathe that promotes good health. Because of these special holes, people do not feel pressure on their ears during sleep.

Shadow Figures

The artistic creativity of shadow figure derived its technique and style from the Chinese Han Dynasty silk painting, portraits of stone, brick painting and Tang Song temple mural, its modeling is exquisite and unique, engraving is exquisite, color painting is elegant, and it totally manifested that Chinese traditional culture is profound, the folk art is pure and honest.