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Shopping in Qufu

In Qufu, visitors can buy their specialty products in two business districts.

Located in the east side of Confucian temple,Queli street is a pedestrian tourist shopping street. Opened in 1984, it has become the most complete Qufu city's shopping area now.It mainly engaged in all kinds of Confucius souvenir such as Confucius books, Confucian food, rubbings, calligraphy, jade glass, Nishan ink, ceramics, arts and crafts, and a variety of clothing, stone carving, wood carving, jewelry and so on.

Another shopping place is the Parkson shopping area located on the Fuxingmen street.Here gathered Parkson Shopping Center, Qufu antique shops, Hualian, and communities such as Spring and Autumn Pavilions painting.General the merchandise here is slightly higher in quality and price.But there is no need to bargain in in Parkson and Hualian.