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Shopping in Shangri-La

The city is famous for Tibetan jewelry, yak tails, Nixi pottery, Yi lacquerware, Dried matsutake mushroom and Tibetan medicinal herbs. Very good Tibetan incense. For shopping the new town is better than the old, cheaper prices.

Dropenling Tibetan Handicraft Center 

A non-profit Social Enterprise handicraft project selling high-quality, authentic Tibetan handicrafts from over 500 artisans, both local in DiQing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and from the Tibet Autonomous Region. All profits are reinvested into the sustainability of the enterprise and the Tibetan artisan community in the form of technical and business training, business loans, and product design and development consultation. Premium.

Shangri-La Women’s Handicrafts Center

The old town proper is full of shops selling the usual range of Chinese “ethnic” “handicrafts,” most of which are machine-made and which are sold in every tourist town west of Xi’an.