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Shopping in Shaoxing

Shaoxing has many souvenirs on offer. Shaoxing molded dried is known as one of the famous specialty. Do not forget buy the Shaoxing wine which has a history of 2,500 years and won national awards liquor several times.There are four stand-out brands: yuanhong, jiafan,shanniang and xiangxue.

If you don’t drink wine, Shaoxing tea is an alternative and the famous are pingshui zhucha, rizhu xuehua and qiangang huibai.

In addition, the other Shaoxing famous handicrafts are: Shaoxing lace, Muben satin, black hat, Shaoxing fermented bean curd, Pingshui drops tea, Shaoxing duck, vegetarian Mau-cake, Ding Tai Hing cakes and so on.

Buying some Shaoxing pearls are also a good choice. The Zhuji pearl market in Shanxiahu Town is the biggest pearl market in China.The antique market is stocked with curios and assorted souvenir stores.

Jiefang Road is the commercial street of Shaoxing,walk around and go to the Lu Xun Xian Heng Hotel, Lu Xun's hometown, Kurahashi Zhijie,then arrive Victory Road where there are Qiu Jin statue and City Square. Along the road, there are all kinds of shopping malls, stores, hotels and restaurants.