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Shopping in Shenyang

Shopping in Shenyang is an eye opener with its fashionable shopping metropolis, having row upon row of commercial streets lined with numerous shop premises and markets. The main shopping areas are gathered in Zhongjie Road and Taiyuan Street where one can find the Shenyang Department Store, Zhuozhan Shopping Center, Xinglong Dajiating and many more time-honored stores. In addition to the Nanhu Park Antiques Market and the largest tourism market behind Shenyang Imperial Palace, there are also Xita Street Korean Flavor Street and Wu’ai Flea Market. Souvenirs of the city come in a great variety including curios, paintings, porcelains, woodcarvings, jade articles, dough sculptures, palace molds, ancient coins and exquisite Manchu princess dolls.

Shenyang has three main shopping areas. One is on Zhong Jie, which has a number of shops selling cell phones, computers, electronic equipment or the latest fashions and accessories. Box/department stores are within a walking distance of Zhong Jie as well as the north train station.

The second shopping area is Taiyuan Street, located within walking a distance of the south train station. As the busiest commercial street in Shenyang, Taiyuan Street is the most influential fashion hub of Northeastern China following the example of the Ginza shopping district in Tokyo, Japan. This multi-functional business area combines commerce, dinning, recreation and also dominated by comprehensive department stores.

The third is Beishichang, within walking distance from the north train station. It is one of the oldest shopping areas in Shenyang. There is an important Lama temple (Huang Shi, founded in 1636), which was worshiped by all the Manchu emperors during their regular trips to Shenyang.