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Xidan Shopping Area

Xidan Shopping Area
Shopping in Beijing is one of things to do in Beijing. Situated in Xidan North St., west of Tiananmen square, Xiandan, a up-market commercial area, is a famous centre for commerce, entertainment and dinning, just like the US department store. The market is oriented to different costumer groups, providing mid-and high-quality commodities and highlighting the distinctive feature of professionalsm and completeness to meet the needs of people. There are a lot of old and new shops here such as: Xidan Shopping Center, Xidan Bazaar, Chung-Yo Department Store, Huanan Maion, Paris Photo Studio, Weiwei Bride Wedding Dress Photo Studio and Capital Bookstore. You can take a beijing city tour bus to enjoy a wonderful beijing private tour. Add: go straight to north around 100 mete from Xidan subway stop of Line 1.