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He Hua Ci Wholesale Shopping District

He Hua Ci Wholesale Shopping District
He Hua Ci wholesale shopping district is much larger than Chun Xi Lu. It is where individual shoppe and wholesale buye from other shops go for their needs. This market is so large that it would take several days to see everything. The He Hua Ci shopping district is one of Chengdu's highlights and is organized into categorized sectio, so finding things is fairly easy. It does not have name brand items, but what it does have is quite affordable. It is a bargainer's paradise. The fit price quoted is usually far higher than the shop keeper would accept. Usually the more items you purchase, the lower the price accepted becomes. The general rule is to offer less than half of the quoted price and work up from there. Since the market is organized into sectio many it is easy to shop for prices. It is always a good idea to shop around to make sure that you get the best prices.