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Top United City

Top United City
If you want have a Haikou city shopping,Top United is a great choice.It is one of the Haikou shopping center.Top United is a large shopping mall with a packaged service of shopping, catering, leisure, entertainment, and culture. Located in the CBD of Haikou City, Top United cove a total area of 97000 ㎡. It has three main buildings and one pedestrian street. Besides shopping stores, you can find cinemas, KTVs, and restaurants of different styles here. Top United has a pedestrian street, the three main buildings, 750 parking spaces, to Weiheshi building with the arcade corridor, pedestrian street with three playing an open plaza the center of commercial plaza, with banking, telecommunicatio, car wash and other integrated facilities, is currently the largest seaport complex purely commercial one. Top United has the city's unique neighborhoods building, Octagon access, enclosed popularity, to 2000 m arcaded corridor for the bright spot, creating a style longest pedestrian street in Haikou, Hainan traditional arcade culture and the baroque combined in the most humanistic qualities commercial attitude to lead Haikou commercial civilization. Top United is around the city clouds International Trade Building, Nanyang Building, Tianyi international landmarks like business offices, Mid-Garden, the WTO Nga, home to garde and other large high profile residential community of 20 million inhabitants, 50,000 Kochi white-collar worke, 13 bus lines, 13 bus Carrefour, radiation throughout the city. Top United gather the city shopping, leisure, dining and entertainment, in strict accordance with the format preferred ratio, selection of top businessmen, brought together the brand essence to pack Luofeng Fu of the forms of the unique business advantages of carrying the business, entertainment and the arts and cultural prosperity, to meet the divee needs of coume. Apparel:Calvin Klein、ESPRIT、Lacoste、NIKE、New Balance、Mo&co、Ebase、ochirly、Columbia、OU.、PLAYBOY,ect. Dining: KFC, shamisen eating house, Hantai Lang, the original goods bea fishing, soup dishes, bea fishing Square, Kintaro, Hawthorn wateide, Chongqing Qin Ma hot pot, tripod fresh in mind, Provence Address: No. 11, Jinlong Road, Longhua District, Haikou