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Yan'an Road Shopping Street

Yan'an Road Shopping Street
This is the primary Hangzhou shopping street where there are lots of brand outlets, brand franchise stores, time-honored brand stores and malls such as Hangzhou Department Store, Hangzhou Maion Shopping Center, Yintai Shopping Mall, Guoda Department Store, Gonglian Shopping Center and Xinghe Clothing City. You will not disappoint shopping in Hangzhou for it is another /shopping paradise/ in China. Yan'an Road is one of the shopping center which worth mentioning. Yan'an Road is a shopping street about 3000 mete long. As a popular Hangzhou shopping destination,it has a number of large department stores, such as Zhejiang Intime Department Store and Hangzhou Lane Crawford Store, as well as smaller shops selling quality items, knock-offs and discounted goods. You can buy some typical Hangzhou specialties and souveni here, such as Hangzhou Silk, Hangzhou Embroidery, West Lake Silk Umbrellas, Tianzhu Bamboo Chopsticks, White Chrysanthemum ,world-famous Longjing tea and so on. You have a variety choices here.When you buy something,the vendo are willing to bargain.There are over 155 shopping venues call this road home, and of a total of 10 major playe in the Hangzhou shopping mall world, 7 are located on this notable stretch of real estate.