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Kunming Colorful Yunnan

Kunming Colorful Yunnan
Kunming Colorful Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd. Is a large-scale tourist shopping enterprise integrating production of souveni, sightseeing, shopping, and catering. The area cove a total business area of 3.6 suqare km and has jurisdiction over eight great enterprises, namely Colorful Yunnan Jade and Jewelry Shop, Artwork Shop, Special Local Products Shop, Famous Medicine Shop, Plants Essential Oil Shop, Famous Tea House, Colorful Yunnan Peacock Ground, and Yi Xin Yuan Great Hotel, as well as two large-scale processing factories for jade, jewelry and industrial fine art works. It is the biggest tourist shopping center with the highest business grade in Yunnan. Add: 12 km from Anning-Shilin Highway in Kunming (官渡区石安公路12公里处)