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Barkhor Street Marketplace

Barkhor Street Marketplace
If you get more than a week to travel in Lhasa, you really should go shopping in Barkhor Street. Go shopping in religion atmosphere. It will be a special experience. There are lots of clothes and ornaments which are full of ethical amorous feelings. You can also find real treasures such as precious natural gems, valuable porcelain ware, unearthed ancient coi and relics from temples. Yak hor, skulls of wild takin, Buddhist sculptures and banne are some of the most popular items with tourists. Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest 8-Day Tour (fixed departure, 2-t0-go) We have 4 days sightseeing day tou in Lhasa. We also have hotel & tour packages with the best money value deal. Inclusive tour of 8-day Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse and Everest Base Camp.