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Tao Bao Cheng (Tao Bao City)

Tao Bao Cheng (Tao Bao City)
Tao Bao City, this three-story shopping haven offe a collection of many of the small shops from the old Xiangyang Lu Market, the stores in this complex sell faux branded clothing, luggage, bags and accessories. If you're a new shopper, make sure to haggle--a lot. With over 300 stores spaced out over three floo, and an area of 12,000 square metres, it offe clothes, pues, sunglasses, shoes, and yet more clothes. Many of the shops from the old Xiangyang Lu Market moved over to Taobao upon its closing in 2006, which mea you're getting great knock-offs at reasonable prices (as long as you're willing to put in a little time and effort towards bargaining with the selle). And just in case you were wondering - no, this place has absolutely no affiliation with the famous website of the same name.