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Clay Figure Zhang

Clay Figure Zhang
The painted sculpture of Clay Figure Zhang also known as Nirenzhang is one of the three stunts. This folk art has vivid realistic characteristics, and can portray the figures' peonality and posture, puue dissection structure, reasonable exaggeration, suitable acceptance and rejection, special applying to give attention to both shape and spirit and have great originality. It was inititated by a folk artist in Tianjin, Zhang Mingshan in Qing dynasty. Nirenzhang, Clay Sculpture is a kind of folk arts founded by Zhang Mingshan in Tianjin in the region of the Emperor Daoguang in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The works are molded with clay and usually they are no more than an inch. The prototypes of the clay figures are usually from the folk legend, myth, Chinese classical opera and novels. With lifelike figures and colorful clothes, Nirenzhang, Clay Sculpture is very popular since its foundation and was listed as a national intangible cultural heritage. Today to see these miniture clay figurines and purchase some as a souvenir the best place is to visit the Ancient Culture Street. Address: No. 11, Ancient Culture Street, Nankai District, Tianjin Tel: 022-27359995