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Turpan Tapestry

Turpan Tapestry
The tapestries in Turpan are exceptionally well known at home and abroad. It wi the praise by flat surface, solid texture, saturated color, and special ethnic characterizes. It is a good souvenir and decoration for your house. The weaving methods and materials of tapestries is the same with carpet,only it was used for interior wall decoration.Tapestry has a long history in China.It’s popular woven wool tapestry in Xinjiang since ancient times. Tapestry has a varity of patter, such as landscapes, flowe, birds, people, buildings and other scenery.Besides, oil painting, decorative painting, photography and other art forms can be manifested.Large tapestry are used for halls, clubs and other public places. Small tapestries are used for residential, bedroom and so on.