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Longtou Road on the Gulangyu Island

Longtou Road on the Gulangyu Island
Longtou Road, which is the major commercial area on Gulangyu, is the inevitable route by mea of which tourists will ascend the island. It is one of xiamen shopping centre. It is lined with numerous small shops providing a full range of souvenir type commodities, such as handicrafts, calligraphic works and paintings, and the food unique to south China. Both locally-made handicrafts, like bead embroidery, lacquer thread sculpture, color modeling and painted pottery, and those imported from the rest of the country, including antiques and jade articles, are sold here. If you want to try some seafood there are many restaurants on the street for you to choose from and the fresh and still-living marine products, which are exhibited before their doo, are a feast for the eyes.