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Silk Road Culture
Things to Know

The Silk Road was a cultural bridge between China and the West. The most notable cultural exchange was the introduction of differents religions being introduced into China. Buddhism was spread across the Silk Road with notable Buddhist monks from India spreading the practice of the religion. Cities along the Silk Road such as Dunhuang was heavily influenced by Buddhism and the Mogao Grottoes of the city emphasize the importance of Buddhism during the Silk Road era.

By the 7th Century the arrival of Arab merchants through the Silk Road meant the introduction of Islam into China. During the Tang Dynasty the trade of the Silk Road attracted many Arab and Persian merchants to China and many merchants eventually settled and married local Chinese and formed a Chinese Muslim population that would be known as the Hui ethnic group. It was also during the Tang Dynasty that the first Muslim embassy was established and the construction of mosques began. Through the Arab and Persian settlers they introduced their cultures and traditions to China.

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