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Entering Tibet from Nepal

To enter Tibet from Nepal you must apply for a tourist visa issued by the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. Below are the details about the Group Tourist Visa.

1. The Tourist Group Visa is issued to a tourist group organized by the travel agency. If there are 2 or more travelers, all group members must travel together both in and out of China.

2. The Group Tourist Visa is single entry Visa, you have to give up any kind of pervious China visa you already have, such as L visa, F visa or Z visa if you decide to take the Group Tourist Visa.

3. The expiry date of this Group Visa is based on your tour itinerary, you need to enter China and leave China as the itinerary states, you should declare your whole itinerary in China, so that we can declare it to the Chinese Embassy in Nepal. In order to avoid any unexpected days in China, our travel agency will state more 4-5 days.

4. To apply for your group tourist visa, you need to apply for Tibet Permit and a formal traveling invitation letter from Tibet local government and you are required to be under the guidance of the branch office of our company in Nepal to Chinese Embassy to apply for this Visa (Friendship Nepal Travel Agent).

5. At least 20 days before you enter Tibet, please scan a copy of your passport to the travel agency to start your Chinese Group Visa application, you are also required to sign in at our branch office in Nepal upon you arrive at Kathmandu, also please tell us the date you arrive in Kathmandu, this is very important.

6. The Visa fee and local travel agency service charge in Kathmandu is

Payment of China Group Visa (From 2015-6-1)
For Travelers Entering Tibet from Kathmandu
Important Notice: Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu is only open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Working Days of the embassy are Monday, Wednesday and Friday only.
Ordinary: 3 Working Days Urgent: 2 Working Days Extremely Urgent: 1 Working Day
(Pay US Dollars) Times of Entry Ordinary Urgent Extremely Urgent
For US Citizens Single 140 155 175
For Canadian Citizens Single 120 135 155
For Romanian Citizens Single 80 95 115
For Serbia Citizens Single 15 40 52
For Pakistan, Albania, Micronesia, Maldives, Bosnia and Herzegovina Citizens Single 17 35 55
For Montnegro Citizens Single 41 59 95
For Nepali Citizens (Pay Rupees) Single 2650 3650 4100
For Other Citizens Single 50 65 85

Service Charge for Group Visa Application: US$20/person

Tibet Visa Kathamndu Contact Information

Travel Agent: Friendship Nepal Travel Agent

Contact Person: Ram Silwal

Office Number: +977 1 4233084 or +977 1 4233085

Mobile Number: +00977 98510 67637


G.P.O.BOX: 8974 CPC 449

If you can't contact with Mr. Ram Silwal, here are the other emergency contact people.

Raji's Mobile Phone Number: +977 98510 86445

Roka's Mobile Phone Number: +977 98510 81841

Please contact with Mr. Ram at least 2 days earlier before you arrive in Kathmandu by phone or e-mail. You can discuss with Mr. Ram which kind of Group Visa you need to apply for and how to meet each other to hand over your passport to him.