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Tibet Travel Permit for Entry

Tibet travel permit (TTP) is a travel document to enter Tibet. Up till April 2014, except for Mainland China citizens, Hong Kong citizens, and Macao citizens, all foreign travelers (including Taiwan citizens) need a TTP in order to go to Tibet. TTP is a different document from the visa to China. You have to file your TTP application through a qualified Chinese travel agent.

  • According to regulation of the government, foreign travelers are not allowed to make independent tour in Tibet regardless the size of the group (even for one person). The tour must be organized and led by qualified Chinese travel agents.

  • Local authority will ask us what your occupation is.

  • Foreigners with the following types of visa need to apply for the TTP through travel agent: tourist (type L), resident (type D), visitor (type F), work (type Z), and study (type X).

  • Type L visa holders only need to provide digital version of the passport and visa.

  • Type D visa holders have to submit a prove of residency.

  • Type F visa holders have to submit the invitation by the Chinese side.

  • Type Z and type X visa holders need to submit a prove issued by their employer/school.

  • Foreign visitors of public affair or journalism purposes cannot apply for TTP through travel agents. Please consult Chinese foreign affair department for more information.

  • You cannot buy any flight, train, or coach tickets to Tibet without a TTP.

  • After you entering Tibet, your TTP will be kept by your tour guide and will be handed back to the authority when the tour is over.

Tibet Travel Permit for Entry

To get your TTP, follow these three steps:

  1. Provide us your passport with a valid Chinese visa.

  2. Travel itinerary is a must for getting TTP. You can either choose one of our packages or we can customize a tour based on your interests.

  3. After confirming the itinerary, we will start the application on your behalf. It will take 15-20 working days.