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Baggage Allowance and Transportation


Carry-on baggage

Passengers are allowed to take a certain amount of carry-on baggage for free onto the train:
  • •  Child: 10 kg (22 pounds)
  • •  Adult: 20 kg (44 pounds)
  • •  Diplomat: 35 kg (77 pounds)
  • •  The total length of each baggage cannot exceed 160 cm.
  • •  Rod-shaped baggage is limited with 200 cm in length and 20kg in weight.

Prohibited Items

Items listed below are not allowed to carry onto a train or into the train station:
  • ×  Items that are prohibited by laws and regulations.
  • ×  Dangerous items, ammunition and unidentified chemicals.
  • ×  Animals and goods (goods with revolting smell included) which will affect public hygiene.
  • ×  Items which may do harm to other passengers
  • ×  Baggage that exceeds the limitation of the regulation

Limited Items

Regulation on the amount of the followings that can be brought onto train:
  • •  Less than 5 gas lighters.
  • •  Less than 20 boxes of matches.
  • •  Items like enamel and hair dye, less than 20ml.
  • •  Items like alcohol less than 100 ml.
  • •  Items like styling mouse, insecticide and air-refresher, less than 600 ml.
  • •  Less than 20 newborn poultries


  • ☆  Wheelchair is free to bring onto the train.
  • ☆  Baggage that exceeds the allowed amount either by size or weight should use the baggage consignment service. For this case, passengers are suggested to arrive at the station earlier to get the baggage checked and transferred by freight, and pick it up when they arrive at the destination.
Baggage Transportation
Checked Baggage Transportation

Checked baggage is for personal items and other traveling needed necessities. Wheelchairs for disabled are also included. Valuable items like currency, securities, cultural relics, jewelry and important documents are not accepted for checked baggage. Each piece of checked baggageis limited with 50 kilograms in weight and should have a minimum volume of 0.01 cubic meters.

Checked baggage could be transported with the same train you take so that you can pick it up as soon as you arrive at your destination. If it happens that the train you take does not have a luggage carriage, your checked baggage will be transported by an earlier train or a later train. You can collect your baggage when you arrive at the station if it is transported by an earlier train. But if your consigned baggage arrives later than your train, do remember to pick it up as soon as possible when the working staff informs you. The station only helps to keep checked baggage free for three days and will charge storage fees after that time.

Parcel Transportation

Parcel transportation service is also provided by which you can mail your small loads of personal items. Certain certificates should be presented when you are going to mail items listed below:

• Jewelry, cultural relics, currency, securities, firearms.

• Police dogs as well as other protected animals.

• Items requiring inspection according to the government regulations.

• Items which are restricted to transport by People's Republic of China.

Luggage Porters – Red Cap Luggage Service

For most railway stations in China, especially those large stations, distance between the waiting rooms and the platforms or platforms and station exit is a little far which is quite inconvenient for those passengers carrying large loads. In this case, passengers can ask help from those porters in red caps who can transport your luggage to the platform or the station exit by chargingan amount of CNY 5-10 for each piece.

Luggage Space

There are two luggage racks in the size of 45-50cm in the width and 50-60cm in the height at each side of the coach available. They are for luggage that has the size within 60cm long, 35cm wide and 35cm high, and a dimension smaller than 130cm or shorter than 180cm for rod-shaped luggage. A 28” luggage is too large to put in the luggage racks.

Passengers with luggage larger than 28” should place the luggage at the closets at the joint areas of two carriages. Or the space behind the last row of seats is also available to place large luggage.

Luggage rack or closet is not available for some soft sleeper coaches on some D-trains. Passengers can only put their luggage under the table which is measured with a height of 70cm, or the lower berths which are about 25cm high.

There are no special luggage closets for carry-on luggage at ordinary trains (Z, T, K, Y, S, L, and accommodation). All luggage is demanded to put on the racks above seats or berths, or the area under the seats or berths.

Hard seat: Racks in the size of 56.8cm wide are set over the seats on both sides of the carriage. They are able to hold a 28” large luggage. Passengers can also put their luggage under the table with a height of 70cm and under the seats with a height of 30cm

Soft seat: Racks in soft seat carriages have the same size with those in D&G trains.

Hard sleeper: Racks in the width of 53cm are seated over the aisle in hard sleeper coaches. The 70cm high table and 25cm high lower berths are also available for luggage. There are luggage closets in some hard sleeper coaches inside the compartment, but they are much smaller than the space of racks. Soft sleeper: There are closets in the size of 50cm wide and 40cm high inside the compartment for luggage. Luggage can also be placed at space under the table and lower berths.

Luxury soft sleeper: The closet for luggage sits above the door of each enclosed compartment which has the same size with that inside the soft sleeper compartment. There is also a closet for clothes equipped for each compartment.