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China Train Tour
China has a vast territory with stunning landscapes and crisscross network of railways. Take a train ride tour in China is absolutely a good ideal for whom really wanna experience a typical Chinese way of travelling. We specially arranged this China Train Tours package for you to meet your requirements, whether for relaxed long distance touring throughout China; you may have chance to experience the latest hi-te by riding on the super express trains between Beijing and Shanghai, or you can also choose to enjoy a ride on the highest railway to Tibet.

Huangshan Train Tours

Visit Mount Huangshan, the most beautiful mountain of China. Take in the beautiful scenery en-route to the wonderful Yellow Mountain.

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Silk Road Train Tours

Travelling the Silk Road by train is like retracing the footsteps of the ancient trading civilization. Explore the legendary tourist attractions which marked the greatest international trade route in history!

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From USD 2848 P/P
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Short Weekend Train Tours Package

If you’re looking for an extended weekend getaway our train tours are perfect! Take a long weekend away with to neighboring cities for a short trip.

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From USD 373 P/P
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Tibet Train Tours

Take a magical train journey to the “Rooftop of the World” by the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. Scenery during the journey is truly amazing!

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Ethnic Minorities Train Tours

Experience the customs and culture of the ethnic minorities in China. Prepare to be fascinated by the colorful costumes and festivities.

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Beautiful China Countyside Train Tours

Tour the beautiful countryside of China with the one of the most spectacular train tours. You can see the contrasting scenery and cultures of the different cities in China. 

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From USD 3350 P/P

Classic and Best Selling Train Tours Package

Our best-selling and classic train tours are ideal for travelers who have never traveled by train in China and want to visit multiple famous destinations in China.

From USD 716 P/P
From USD 1248 P/P
From USD 740 P/P
From USD 383 P/P